Cozy Project

In 2016 I began construction of a 4-seat, high performance composite aircraft. I began researching and studying for the project 5 years earlier, following the CSA BBQ I was invited to at Airventuire 2011. I had caught the bug, and most importantly had become convinced that I could actually do it.
This project is not a small one, and is expected to take around 10 years of work to complete. This page will contain information on the aircraft and it's progress. Below is a concept image of what it might look like when finished.

This is an  Aerocanard , which is a derivative of the Cozy MkIV , which in turn is derived from the Rutan Long-Ez .  In stock, plans configuration it is capable of cruising at 175kts+. Mine will not be stock.

The aircraft carries up to 4 people in reclined seating, and can travel over 1,000nm before having to land to refuel. 

It is constructed from plans, and is not a kit as is common today. This means that the builder fabricates parts from raw materials, primarily fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin, rather than assembling pre-made parts ordered from a supplier. I bought the instructions (plans), they came in a small box. Then, raw materials: fibreglass, epoxy and foam!
The Cozy MkIV shown to the right was built by Phillip Johnson , and incorporates many innovations beyond the original design, including fully retractable 'Infinity' landing gear  and a liquid-cooled Subaru engine.

My aircraft is intended to include many similar innovations, as well as many other ideas I have researched and planned over the years. Consequently, it will be a true 'one-of-a-kind' and will need to be carefully and thoroughly flight tested once complete.